Integrate Peplink with NextDNS

NextDNS is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They offer:

ad blocking, tracker blocking, white lists, black lists, multiple user profiles, optional logging, DoH and DoT

Please, somehow, integrate NextDNS into the Peplink firmware. My preference would be to allow us to specify a NextDNS DoH or DoT hostname for the DNS servers on the untagged LAN and each VLAN.

Yes, it competes with Web Blocking but it offers better logging/reporting, much more flexibility and encrypted DNS. And, does Peplink really want to be constantly updating the internal blacklists? It seems not, as there has not been an update for an entire year (as far as I can tell).

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@Michael234 … I wonder if you can you compare it to PiHole – a product many of us use (and for which we are responsible for a great many)?

The elevator pitch is that NextDNS is PiHole in the cloud. I have not used PiHole, so that’s the best I can do on comparing.

Their website is The service is in beta now so its free. It will be a commercial product, eventually.

NextDNS currently offers two ways to integrate with a router, but each is a hack.

Off-topic: On Android 10, the Private DNS feature is a perfect match for NextDNS. It works system wide and even over-rides the DNS that a VPN tries to set. Ad-blocking, tracker-blocking and encrypted DNS. System wide. Like being in heaven. Private DNS exists on Android 9, but in my experience it gets over-ridden by VPNs.

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