Integrate Peplink with NextDNS

thanks for the info!

i was debating trying to spin up one in the cloud and using for secondary.

which industrial grade SD card have you switched to?

wall wart = wall AC adapter?


We’ve never tried that. If you proceed I’d like to hear about your experience!

We use cards made by SanDisk and Samsung. I know other brands are probably just as good. That’s just our preference. Never no-name el-cheapos, however. Your favorite retailer’ll have 'em.

Sorry. Yes. :wink:

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FYI… I uninstalled PiHole on my RaspberryPi and installed NextDNS CLI for Debian based.

Seems to work… linked it to my custom configuration now seeing all my network devices in my nextDNS dashboard.

So I now have NextDNS at home and away on each device, all funneling into my main configuration in the cloud.

FYI to community.

Reddit user disclosed NextDNS web admin page is leaking email to

It was disclosed first to founders but they weren’t concerned with the issue. This does raise concerns however with conflicting privacy policy.