Incontrol2 support Floor Plan View and upload Floor Plan

incontrol2 support Floor Plan View and upload Floor Plan?



Thank you for the suggestion. This will be include in the feature road-map.

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Hi -

Are there any plans to implement this if it hasn’t been?


The requested feature is considered by Engineering team but so far no ETA for the feature will be roll-up. It would be helpful if you able to list down the expected feature should be included for the WIFI Floor Plan View.

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Thanks for the info.

Basically, you’d be able to

  1. Upload (png, jpg, jpeg, tiff, etc) and scale a floor plan
  2. Select from the APs associated in the group
  3. Place those APs in a location on the map
  4. Organize multiple maps in a folder or group (multiple floors, locations, etc.)
  5. Export a map with customizable views as an image with an AP list (for custom reports, planning, etc…)

You should be able to - at a minimum - toggle on/off:

  • Heatmap
  • Propagation lines
  • AP icons based on model
  • Not on/off, but adjustable heatmap scale
  • Online status very visible - AP icon outlined in green, orange, red (for example)
  • General info (hostname, IP, connected clients, uptime, online status (unreachable, online, unknown)

I’m not sure what other folks think but those would be a good starting point IMO.


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Topic moved to “Feature Request” & +1 for this too :slight_smile:

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Hello @sitloongs,
We have upcoming uses for this feature, not just with APs though with Peplinks/Pepwaves extended range of equipment. We do not need heat mapping at the moment, what we need is to be able within a 2 dimensional space per floor place equipment at its location (we need to align the floors and have these to accurate scale).
With equipment that is radio based, we would like to place this equipment in a 3 dimensional space (height from floor) and also include equipment/antenna orientation if possible.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Perhaps a workaround is to embed a URL to, say, a ekahau page for the installation in an IC2 tag. This would provide a simple way of accessing the heatmap data for a controller from the IC2 context, which I guess is what the OP wanted to do…

+1 this would be helpfull for our push vessels