Network Topology Maps

Hello Peplink Team,
It would be really useful to have Peplink firmware or IC2 automatically generate a network topology map of all connected/detected devices (similar to Meraki, Ubitquiti, etc.). We have customer’s utilizing solely Peplink gear for their network (Balance router, SD-Switch, AP One Enterprise) and using IC2 for remote monitoring, reporting and management is amazing. Peplink also has the feature of identifying devices based on MAC addresses so this should be very feasible to aggregate the data into a topology map. Please consider this valuable addition to IC2 and/or Peplink firmware.


@dmathewINS I completely agree - this would take InControl 2 to the next level as far as management and make it more advanced than offerings from other more established vendors in the IT space. In addition, I had a case with Peplink Support [Peplink #20100831] Peplink LLDP via SNMP. Although LLDP topology information can be queried via CLI from the switch, it is not made available via SNMP. This feature should also be added in addition to your IC2 request to compliment the enterprise switch offering. IT users expect their NMS package to be able to pull topology information from their switch stack. We use a 8 SD-Switch stack along with 5 AP Ones and an HA Pair of Balance routers and cannot get the topology to automatically create in our NMS package.

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+1 for this, we had a potential educational institution using another brand looking to refurbish; they wanted “like for like” in features. This is one of those features; they stayed with the existing brand.

The feature aligns with having custom site maps (like floor plans) for showing WAP locations and devices to overlay on top with.

We realise there is a lot more to the development of this than it appears on the surface, and acknowledge the efforts of the Peplink Engineers :slight_smile:
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Any updates on this? Mapping would be a great feature!!