InControl2 MAX-BR1-LTE-US Signal strength misleading

Recently I’ve noticed the signal strength for the MAX-BR1-LTE-US displayed in inControl2 can be misleading.
It could be that some of our units connect to Verizon LTE on the AWS 1700/2100 MHz band.
InControl2 only shows the RSRP signal strength as -108dBm (1-bar)
If I log into the unit itself RSRP is -108dBm but RSSI is -77dBm (full bars)

Can this be corrected in inControl2?

Currently on FW 6.3.1 build 2023


RSSI has been the historical metric used when looking at signal strength for 3G, GSM, CDMA1X etc. but in the LTE realm the RSRP is actually a much more specific reading. Here is a link to more detail:


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Hi Tim,

This is what I see via InControl2.

And this is what I see if I log into Remote Web Admin

And these are the cellular strength details

Hi 1wheeler1,

Thank you for pointing it out the discrepancy, our teams now are aware and working towards to standardize the display in both InControl2 and device Web Admin in coming firmware.

Stay tuned.

Thanks and regards.

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Been over a year and this is still wrong in FW 7.01
Any plans to correct? I can’t verify signal strength using InControl2 without logging into “Remote Web Admin”.

Also recently I’m seeing T-Mobile listed in the carrier when connected to Verizon as 3G

The display of the number of signal bars is going to be unified in both upcoming firmware 7.1 and IC2.

For the mis-display of carrier, I assume you’re referring to IC2. Could you send us a screenshot by pressing the Feedback button on the IC2 page?

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Hi Michael,
That unit was setup here and then shipped for installation so I can’t send a live screenshot via the feedback but I did do a screen shot that I had saved and attaching.
It was also showing T-Mobile in the Pepwave GUI.

As far as signal strength displayed problem it’s still the Verizon LTE units that connect at the LTE Band 4 AWS frequency.

Incontrol2 shows this and 1-bar

Logging into “Remote web admin” shows full bars and this

Actually we want to see a live unit. It could greatly help identify the problem quickly. So when you see the problem on any unit, just press the Feedback button to report to us. If we could also witness the issue, that’s good. Even if not, we could monitor when it is online. Thanks!

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Also seeing this signal discrepancy in my first Sprint 4G unit deployed.
InControl2 shows 2-bars of signal strength with these numbers.

If I login to the unit with “Remote Web Admin” I see full-bars of signal strength with these numbers.

This is a MAX-BR1 LTE running FW 7.0.1 2621

@1wheeler1, we have feedback here for the improvement of the display of the signal bars.

Thank you for staying tuned with us!

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