InContro2 ability to predefine all Priority Levels when creating/editing SpeedFusion/PepVPN profiles

Hello IC2 Team,
When creating a new PepVPN or SpeedFusion tunnel in InControl2 at either the organisational or group level, can we please have an option to default all Priority options to “Default” or any priority we choose?

When setting up lots of profiles, having to change each of the Priorities, one at a time, is very inefficient, especially when you are programming an MBX, SDX or EPX, which can have over dozen ports to configure.

This example from an SDX.

When you have multiple Star or PtP configurations to add in, changing all of these priorities is very tedious, the bulk of which we change to “Disabled”.

Adding an option at the top to preset all the Priority options before configuring the ones to be different from the present would be sufficient, similar to what can currently be done with “Group-wide Radio Settings”. Having an option to copy a SpeedFusion/PepVPN profile with IC2 (allowing a profile to act as a template) would also potentially save having to redo this over and over again.

This request can be tied to @jgranade’s previous thread/conversation at

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: