ICVA Private hosting "Captive portals - guest account - import" question

Hi Sirs,

I need some suggestions about how to import millions existing guest account to “Captive Portal -> Guest Account” but not upload csv file.

And if it can synchronize existing account database will be great.

I check API function but didn’t found one like this.
And not sure replace some file in ICVA directly will work or not.

Thank you.

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Can you provide/share your use case for the Captive portals guest account ? Interesting request that you need to manage millions guest account info.

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Hi Sit loong,

We’re cooking a catering 4G and Social Wi-Fi project.
End user has 16 sub-brand and over 400 restaurant in TW and China.
We proposed that using Peplink Social Wi-Fi as their Wi-Fi service.

End user using their member’s cell No. and password as Wi-Fi login acc/pwd for now.
Their goal is using 1 Captive portal which has Social media account login and different tab to support other type login.

We’re ok in the Social Wi-Fi login part but how to integrate their original member would be a question.
Which means, can’t using another SSID with external captive portal.
So, i suggest them try [Captive portal settings - access mode - guest account ] to manage their members.

I know upload CSV file to integrate millions member’s acc/pwd is an option.
But it’s very lousy way to maintain member account.
Therefore, is any better idea like API or using script to replace file in ICVA?

Thank you.

Let me DM you to discuss.

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Any update for this topic? Client need this.

Any suggestion how to sync existing database to Captive Portal->Guest Account in REAL TIME?

Let’s move our discussion to Captive Portal Guest Account username&password will compare to the third party Database.