Captive Portal Guest Account username&password will compare to the third party Database

Hi, Is there a way to compare the account on Captive Portal Guess Account username&password to other username&password of a third party database?

Just curious why you need to compare the Guest account username&password with third party database ?

In IC2 Captive portal Guest Account Management page, you can actually download the users account as CSV format and this allow you to compare against with third party database.

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I want them to register to an application first. Then after the registration the database of the application will sync/update the Captive Portal Guess Account user&pass.

And may I know the max limit of the users that can be encoded into the csv?

Is it possible for you to pre-generate and upload a batch of guest accounts to IC2? When your guests finished the registration, your application just returns them a pre-created account’s information, instead of uploading the account’s information to IC2 on-the-fly.

The amount of guests is virtually unlimited. How many guest accounts you expect the system shall handle? I suggest you generate and upload a mock-up guest account file and see if it will work for you.


Alright I’ll try your suggestion.

We estimate 30M guest users.

Hi, thank you for the response. I have another question. Is there a way to allowed them to enter the portal first so they can have internet access for download and the registration of APP.?

I am not exactly sure what you mean.

When the guests see the captive portal, do you want them to download an app and perform a registration with temporary Internet access? And then afterward, they have to go back to our captive portal to sign-in.

If so, how can you limit the users to use the temp access to just download the app and do the registration, and not to browse the Facebook? How can the device automatically switch back to the captive portal and complete the sign in after the registration?

If I misunderstood, please illustrate the entire guest login flow.

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My plan is give them first an open access at least for 15 minutes and redirect them to the APP for the download. Then they’ll receive a message or an email for user&pass. After that they’ll manually go to the tab for FULL INTERNET ACCESS.

My question is will the qouta of open access affect the guest account?Capture

This is what look like.

First, of all, the IC2’s captive portal system has not implemented what you are asking for.

Second, the screens you are referring to are also loaded from the so-called CNA browser (or the “pop-up browser”) which is a browser with a lot of features taken out. Launching the App Store / Play Store from it is likely not possible.

Third, even if it works, it is not possible for the guest to manually “go back” to the CNA browser and visit the Full Internet Access tab. There is no way to make the CNA browser to reliably relaunch or reappear.

Fourth, you will likely not be able to detect (in the CNA browser) whether the app has been installed. So users could easily work-around the system to get full Internet access without installating the app.