I need Peplink VM

Plz is it possible to have the VM or the iso of the peplink system in order to make some test without having the peplink hardware ??
my client confirm for me a projet wich there is 2 peplink balance and 2 firewalls with some policies, then i must do some Lab And test before going to the client and before buying your hardwares.
Plz help in this
NB:the online demo is just for see hos the peplink work, me i need modify and test


You may contact local Peplink partner for your testing purpose.

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Thanks very much for your ansewr, meaning it’s possible to have the Peplink VM from te local partner ??

We do not have VM for Balance router. You may get loan unit from Peplink partner.

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with “loan unit” i can work on it as i work on a real peplink hardware ?? coz i really need it for test

As mentioned by my colleague earlier, you may contact the local Peplink partner on your request, they could possibly arrange a loaner unit (physical hardware appliance) for your testing purpose.

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Ok Thanks for help
Plz i need an ansewr for this topic Plz and Plz :slight_smile: This architecture Will Work Correctly With PepLink?
it need just Yes or No