This architecture Will Work Correctly With PepLink?

Plz confirm to me if this architecture will work correctly with Peplink

as you see in the picture i have (FW1,FW2), (PepLink1,PepLink2), 3 internet Ligne (Fibre1,Fibre2,Adsl).

Peplink1 connected to FW1 and FW2
Peplink2 connected to FW1 and FW2 also

Peplink1 connected to Fibre1,Fibre2 and Adsl
Peplink2 connected to Fibre1,Fibre2 and Adsl also

I have 3 Vlans, i want:
VLAN10 go internet by using Fibre1
VLAN20 go internet by ADSL
VLAN30 go internet by Fibre2

Also i want configure the HA between the 2 peplinks

This architecture is correct and possible ??

I don’t see any issues with that topology. Depending on the device model you’ likely need a switch LAN side of the Peplinks (as some of the balance models only have a single LAN port).

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i thank you very much for your help

Hello @hamza
You may find you don’t need the third party Sophos firewalls as the Peplink Balance routers can work very well as a firewall also, unless there is something very specific you need from the Sophos that Peplink does not offer.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: