I need configure Drop-in + Vlan

Hi !

I’m new in Peplink.

I would like to know: Is possible work with balance 580 using Drop-in + VLAN ?

I need:

  1. To connect my internet cable (ISP) on Balance 580 WAN1 with Drop-in.
  2. To connect a cable from LAN3 (peplink) to eth3 (my firewall).
  3. To connect a lan cable from LAN1 (peplink) to my switch core.

WAN1(peplink) will have a external IP (internet). Example:
ETH3(firewall) will have a externa IP (internet). Example:
LAN1(peplink) will have a internal IP with VLAN to my switch core. Example:

My switch is the gateway. Then, I will do the routes on it. When the packets are sent to internet the switch send to firewall and firewall send to ISP through the Peplink. When the packets are sent to SpeedFusion (MPLS) the switch send to Peplink.

But for this, I need that my switch talk with Peplink.

Is it possible ?


Yes. This is workable.


Thanks TK, I’m happy to hear this.

Is there any special or advanced tip? Or is basicaly following the manual?

Please refer to the knowledgebase below. You may contact your purchasing point if you need further help.



we were thinking about a different solution. we’d like to put wan with drop-in linked to our firewall (LAN3 <> WAN1) and, with a VLAN, link our core switch direct to peplink (LAN1). So, the traffic among MPLS goes through LAN1 (switch) and the rest (internet) goes through Drop-in (firewall).

I don’t see any difference with the request below.

I have provided my answer below as well.


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Forgive me, i did ask in a wrong form: Since it is workable, how do i do it? Is there some documentation? Where do i find it?