How to use the DNS server on Peplink 710


Dear all,
I have 6 domains, 2 lines Internet and 2 web servers as the picture below.

I dont know how to use one IP per Internet line to public 2 Web servers, then use two IP on 2 Internet lines to HA my webservers.

Dealing with Third Party DNS Failure

The following steps are required.

Configure NAT maps for your public IPs referenced here:

Set up the integrated DNS server for your domains referenced here:

After testing this you would set up at least two name servers in your domain registrar pointing to the Balance WAN IPs configured for Authoritative DNS.


Thank Peplink Team very much. I will follow your guide step by step now.

// I cover your trick and have a question. If i run 2 Web-Server, at least i have two additional public IP per WAN, right ?
Can I use just one public IP per WAN for many Web-Server ? Because the public IP is very expensive.