How to Set Up the Bandwidth Monitor and View Bandwidth Reports


Setting up the Bandwidth Monitor

It helps keep track of your network usage. To enable this function, connect to the Web Admin Interface and go to Network > WAN. Check the box Enable next to Bandwidth Allowance Monitor and you can see the following:
Action: If the feature Email Notification is enabled, you will be notified through email when usage hits 75% and 95% of the monthly allowance.
If the box Disconnect when usage hits 100% of monthly allowance is checked, this WAN connection will be disconnected automatically when the usage hits the monthly allowance. It will not resume connection unless this option has been turned off or the usage has been reset when a new billing cycle starts.
Start Day: It allows you to define which day in the month each billing cycle begins.
Monthly Allowance: This field is for defining the maximum bandwidth usage allowed for the WAN connection each month.

Accessing Bandwidth Statistics for an InControl Group

On the device page or on the group page, navigate to _Reports > Bandwidth Reports_.

Here, you can view the bandwidth usage of all the devices in the InControl group. Select the desired timescale from the radio buttons above the graph.

Accessing Bandwidth Statistics on the Web UI

Below is the bandwidth usage statistics, located at: Status > Bandwidth.
1.Real-Time shows the real time bandwidth usage for each WAN connection.


2.Hourly shows the hourly bandwidth usage for each WAN connection.


3.Daily shows the daily bandwidth usage for each WAN connection.
4.Monthly shows the monthly bandwidth usage for each WAN connection.
If you have enabled Bandwidth Monitoring feature in Network > WAN, you can choose a particular connection to check its usage and select to show the monthly usage period in Billing Cycle or Calendar Month.
  1. monthly

Ability to have time of day Bandwidth Monitoring