Ability to have time of day Bandwidth Monitoring

Continuing the discussion from How to Set Up the Bandwidth Monitor and View Bandwidth Reports:

In Australia we have a lot of clients on varying ISP services that run a variety of Peek & Off-peek data usage quota rules, resulting in speeds being throttled during the month for the peek usage times once the quota is consumed for that time block.

We would like to recommend a change/addition option with the “Bandwidth Allowance Monitor Settings” of the WAN settings to allow the “Monthly Allowance” to also offer the ability to set time of day segmentation, such as Peek from 7am until 1am, Off-peek from 1am until 7am, this includes breaking it down into weekdays (Friday & Saturday my have different quotas).

We also are seeking the ability to change the “at 00:00 midnight” to a different time of the morning, say 02:00 (2am).

In addition it would be great to be able to also have the Upload and Download Bandwidth (speeds) being variable based on the used data to represent the effects of the data being used and expected service shaping.

Our question to the forum is if this would be of benefit and how you could find this a commercially useful feature if the developers can implement this feature. We invite you to post your examples here so to allow the develpoers to see if there is enough interest in this feature request.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: