How to Set Up NAT with IPsec VPN


From Firmware 6.3 onwards, you can map a specific local network / IP address to another, and the packets received by remote gateway will appear to be coming from the mapped network / IP address. To access this feature, navigate to Network > IPsec VPN > your IPsec Profile.

At the resulting popup, click the (?) icon next to the Local Networks menu item.

You can now configure NAT for your IPsec VPN profile. Press the Save button at the bottom, and the Apply Changes button at the top-right corner to implement your changes.

VPN Tunnel to different locations with the same internal networks

Used case:



IPSec VPN connection Peplink 580 - Fortigate

Hi Liew,

I already set like that before.Still cannot test ping point to point from source peplink LAN to ISP site.

do you any other suggestion?

thank you.