How to reset the web admin password?

How to reset admin password on Balance 305 and above

Starting from firmware 5.4, Balance 305, 380 or above support admin password reset via the LCD panel. Admin password can be reset under Maintenance > Reset Admin Password on the LCD panel. Once confirmed, admin password is reset to the default value: admin and we can then login to the unit and change it to a new password as desired.

How to reset admin password on Balance 20/30/210/310

For Peplink Balance 20/30/210/310 Starting From Firmware 6.1.0 you can press and hold the reset button for 5-10 secs: LED will start blinking to indicate the admin password has been reset to 'admin' and the port changed to HTTP (port 80).

It is a good practice to keep a safe copy of your admin password for future reference.


Thanks for the tip! Just to be clear, on a Balance 30 pressing the reset button for 5-10 seconds will only reset the password and not set back to factory default. I don’t have a configuration back up and can’t go back to factory default. How long do you have to press for a full factory default?

Yes, as long as you are running firmware 6.1.0 or above. If you are not sure I would recommend to use InControl2 to remotely access the device as you would not need to know the PW to get into it.


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Thanks for the quick reply Tim. I logged into InControl2 and the firmware is 6.3.1 so we should be ok to reset password only

On InControl2 on the device management page just click on settings and then remote web admin and you will get logged in to the dashboard of your device. Then you can change your password, download a config, etc.



Remote Web Admin and Device Tool options are both greyed out and is non clickable, do I need to turn this feature on somewhere?

Is your device in warranty? Otherwise you would need an InControl2 subscription:


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It is out of warranty. I will sign up for the subscription. Thanks!

Hello Eric, @ericwong
On some equipment we use there is an option to disable these sort of features so you can only factory reset the whole system, protecting electronic keys and the like from possible hackers at site.

As an example one particular brand we use, Mobotix Cameras, the equipment has to be returned to the factory for the system to have a new chip-set installed and be recommissioned (very secure and used by many Australian governments and schools). Another amazing thing about this is stolen goods can not be used once reported as Mobotix will only return the restored unit to the original purchaser/owner.

How can we get the Peplink range of equipment to offer similar levels of security if a client should want it?
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:


hey Marcus,

Interesting idea. If you don’t mind, you can certainly put this in as a feature request here: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum