How to remove ip in dhcp server lease

hello support

how to remove ip already lease in dhcp server?



Disabling and enabling back the DHCP service will flush the DHCP leased IP.

May i know any reason why you need to remove/flush the DHCP leased IP ?

Thank You

i’m not the original poster, but there are many reasons to terminate a lease - for example using a laptop to access different vlans with different ip ranges can create conflicts.


yes, sometime there is IP conflict so you to release.


How are there conflicts in different VLan address spaces? VLans are meant to be separate spaces. Having a MAC address in your dhcp tables twice shouldn’t matter. That dhcp lease information is only used to do translations in their reporting features (no networking or routing uses it). The networking uses information from the packets it sees and not data stored in the dhcp lease table.

I agree it is annoying to see the same client name and MAC address in the client list, but the router drops the outdated IP as soon as the last session for the old IP is aged out. It is usually less than 60 seconds (since that seems to be the default tcp expire time)

Will it delete also all reserved users?


It won’t delete the reserved list.

If you worry , you can backup the DHCP reservation list :

Just copy and paste that list in a document and you are safe :wink:. In any bad case, you can just configure the DHCP reservation list by using the CVS format input.