how to identify my device added in which incontrol id?

my device added in another incontrol account, how to know in which account its added and how to remove from there?

This is presumably a device you inherited or purchased as used? In either case, my understanding w.r.t. Peplink policy is that you have to sort it out with the previous owner - they have to be the one to de-register your unit from IC2.

If you purchased it with the seller promising full functionality (e.g., through the eBay “used” category) then you should have a right to return the unit for a refund as not being as described.

If you purchased the unit as new, then I would also think the seller would be the one to work with, since a unit is not “new” (which would include the availability of its full functionality, including being able to manage the unit using IC2).

It can be messy.


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I need an answer to a similar scenario with a piece of installed equipment where a business owner that has said equipment cannot name the seller or InControl2 Manager even though the device was installed since the company’s move-in.

@William_Steer You should log a ticket with support to ask for their assistance. They might be able to help identify the current organisation owner for you and reach out to them.

Support only copy/pastes FAQ support with broken or unhelpful links
I requested to communicate with a supervisor that could understand my request to locate the InControlUser since they are in capable of doing anything other than copypasting forum posts.

From peplink we can´t make this process, you need to contact the person have sold you the device and he can help you whit deregister.
You can follow the link
If the seller has forgotten the InControl2 login details, you can reset the password at the link.
Please refer to our next link for 2nd hand devices:
Let me know if there is anything else, or if we can close the case.

No they don’t typically - but yes you may have had a canned copy/paste response in this case as its a request that pops up from time to time. Your request is subtly different of course and perhaps they did not understand that from the start.

I’m sure now that you have asked for escalation someone will take another look.