How to Get Balance 210 to work with Verizon 6620L

I have a Balance 210 with latest firmware (8.0.2 build 4407). The Modem Support Package is listed as 1023. I am trying to get a Verizon (Novatel) 6620L USB modem to work with the router. It is listed by Peplink as compatible with Modem Support Package 1017.

  1. Does this mean I have the wrong Modem Support Package? Or is 1023 just a higher evolution than 1017 and thus it should work just as well? If I need a different package, how do I get it?

  2. The 6620L is set for USB tethering and is connected to the USB port on my Balance 210. Yet the Balance 210 indicates “No Device Detected.” What am I missing?



Hi mjb87:

  1. 1023 is just a higher iteration on 1017 and things should work all things being equal.
  2. Just to confirm, the 6620L is directly connected to the USB port? Nothing between?

If so, we’d want to get our Engineering Team to take a closer look at things via a support ticket. They’ll need a landline/ethernet connection hooked up (in addition to the 6620L connection) and Remote Assistance enabled.

Hi Jason,

Thanks. Appreciate the info on 1023 vs. 1017. I suspected as much. Just wanted to check.

The 6620L is connected directly via USB A-A Micro cable to the router. Nothing in between.

Happy to have the support people get engaged. I have no landlines (we are in remote location) but I have a 12mbps satellite link and a 40mbps MiFi link.

I’d prefer to wait until Monday, if that is OK. I’ll issue the support ticket and enable Remote Assistance at that point.

Many thanks.


Hi mjb87:

Sounds good, the team just needs that alternate connection to remote in on while working on the USB. We’ll be on the lookout Monday for the ticket and get the big brains looking into it!


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Support ticket created, Remote assistance enabled. I have done a factory reset on the 6620L just in case. I’ve confirmed that I can successfully tether via USB with my laptop. The modem is operating and has a good 4G connection. The Balance 210 still does not recognize any device, however.


Hi mjb87,

I seem to recall something with long USB cables being a possible issue for some devices. If you’re using a longer cable, I’d try using one that is shorter if possible.

Thanks. I’ve tried at least six different cables. The Verizon 6620L “sees” the router and indicates it has established a USB connection. But the router still says no device is connected.

thanks for confirming. Just figured I’d toss that one out since :slight_smile: