How to Configure External DHCP and DNS Servers to Work with the Peplink Balance AP Controller?

If you want to preserve the external third party DHCP and DNS servers on the network when using Peplink Balance WLAN Controller*, please refer to one of the following methods in order to direct the Pepwave AP units to the WLAN Controller.

Method 1: On external DHCP server
Add the WLAN Controller’s LAN IP address** as the value of “DHCP Option 138 (CAPWAP Access Controller addresses)”.

Method 2: On external DNS server
Enter the hostname “wlancontroller” and the WLAN Controller’s LAN IP address** as one local DNS record.

*Available in Peplink Balance 305, 380 or above
** WAN1 IP address will be used if the Pepwave AP units are on the WAN side of the WLAN Controller