How to setup my Balance One Core has a WAP controller only

Hello I would like to know how to turn my Peplink Balance One Core into a WAP controller only and have it all on the same Lan as my main net work?

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Can you elaborate a bit more on why you want the use the Balance One Core as a WAP controller only? Does the customers site already have a function high quality gateway/router with enterprises DHCP options?

You could attempt to set the LAN to a static IP with no DHCP running, though the DHCP server you use will need to offer DHCP Option 138 and you will need to follow @Alan’s guide on doing this, be aware that consumer routers rarely support the extended DHCP options.

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I am having trouble getting the Peplink to work with my Windows 2012 server and Hitron Modem/router. I want windows 2012 to do DHCP. I read this article but don’t know where to Add “DHCP Option 138 (CAPWAP Access Controller addresses)”. The purpose of having the Peplink is just to failover from the Hitron to DSL or Verizon dongle.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you just want to turn off the inbuilt DHCP server on the peplink no? If so you don’t need the DHCP option, just untickthe DHCP server option in Network > LAN | Network Settings: