How to accept Guest Wifi Agreements @ Login with Max Transit

Hi out there, i need to use a guest wifi to livestream. But i can not open the landing page with the max transit to log in and accept the lizense agreements etc. how can i do this? I can use the password only once. The Max Transit is logged in to the wifi and is connected.


it should be this soloution


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Thank you for the answer. I tryed this, but it is not working because of the fact, that the guest portal launches a popup that i don´t see in my computer that ist connected as a client to the max transit duo.
Is there another workaround for this problem? Thank you :slight_smile:

hmmm… Maybe @MartinLangmaid has an Idea how to solve that?

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I don’t understand. Perhaps a screenshot might help.

The idea here is that guest wifi / captive portals tend to identify user device by MAC address. So when the Transit connects, the guest wifi sees its MAC address. Then when you try and access the internet using the Transit, the guest WiFi intercepts that request and shows you a login screen.

Once you login or click OK or whatever the captive portal needs you to do, the MAC address of the transit is flagged as being OK and approved and subsequent internet access (whether from your own laptop or other devices that connect via the transit) is allowed.

There should be no reason why you can’t see a pop up that the guest portal presents when you are connected via the transit…

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Thank you for your support.
Now after starting the Browser completely new the popup came as a landing page and i could agree to the terms and conditions.

But now i have a connection, and if i load any website it is very slow.
And if i go to “Status”, “Speedfusion” the wifi connection only appears available in the default speedfusion cloud setting but in the other two only as “not avaiable - link failure, no data received”

Fun is:
Tunnel 1 and 2 is exactly adjusted the same way.
Tunnel 3 is configured as FEC and with no wan-Smoothing

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-29 um 12.03.26

The health check i switched back on.
Thank you much :slight_smile:

Maybe this could be helpful.Seems like this Wifi itself may be the problem, because of its weaknes.


you can’t bond a connection where Health check is disabled.
To do that, you can change the health check method to ping and ping the WiFi Gateway. This is risky, because if the Internet connection fails there, you cannot see this error

I´ve meant i switched the health check on again after getting the login screen of the captive portal. :slight_smile: So it is ON. That should not be the problem for the different bonding tunnels?