How Does the 5-WAN License Work on the Balance One?

To enable a more flexible and scalable network, we have created a software license to define 5 WANs on the Balance One (BPL-ONE and BPL-ONE-CORE).
After the add-on is activated, LAN 1-3 will become WAN 3-5:


Please note that throughput of the device will be reduced from 600Mbps to 400Mbps after the add-on is activated.


Hello @Alan,
It is worth mentioning that this process can not be undone, though you can scale back the number or WAN ports, the application of the key permanently effects the Port setting options for the LAN network with using for VLANs

Image of Port Setting options before 5WAN key being applied

Image of Port Setting options after 5WAN key being applied

Notice that the “Port Type” & “VLAN” are now greyed out for LANs 1, 2 & 3.

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when i active the add-on what will happend with the usb wan port? is still enable?, so i can have 6 wan? or not?

The USB WAN port stays intact, nothing changes with this.


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I’m getting the One model, where can I get a license to turn into 5 ports?

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Thank You Aldwinaldwin…
Please help me with one last piece of information, I am buying this device from a company that ended the activities … Then the device is already used. Will I have a problem with this to activate this service?

You will be able to purchase the licence and apply it to the device even if you where not the original owner.

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thank you very much!

It would be advised to do a factory reset. Also open a ticket for Peplink Support, with a photo of the label and a recent diagnostic file, so the device can be removed from any InControl2 organization. Most probably the device will be out of warranty if it’s already used in another company, so if you want to use the InControl2, you might need a InControl2 subscription.

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400Mbps is the router throughput. What is the max throughput for site-to-site when VPN/encryption is enabled?

Hi Darwin,

you find your answer here

I make a screenshot for you


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Does this also mean the throughput reduction from ~600 Mbps to 400 Mbps is permanent? Even if only WAN1 & 2 are connected and WAN 3-5 (LAN 1-3 as WAN) are unplugged and disabled?