How do I connect to Sky via DHCP Option 61 on Surf Soho


I have been using the Pepwave Surf Soho Mk 3 (Firmware 7.1.1/Build 1342) with a Billion router configured in pure bridge mode as a modem, for the last year or so, having seen it recommended by Michael Horowitz on his excellent website, and it has been performing faultlessly via a PPPOE connection to my current UK ISP. I now wish to upgrade to fibre broadband however, and will be changing my ISP to Sky who, as far as I can work out, require a DHCP over WAN connection with the ability to send Option 61 with the DHCP request. I am aware the Surf Soho does feature extended DHCP options but can find no reference to Option 61 and would appreciate it if you could advise me if it is possible to connect to Sky with the Surf Soho and, if so, how? Thank you.


What other equipment do you have from Sky? Did they give you a modem or a router modem combo box? I know you said fiber so are you using a conversion box or how are you connecting fiber to your equipment ?

Usually on the WAN interface you configure from ppoe to DHCP In the router connecting to the modem. Then the router should pick up the new address from the cable modem. The option 61 is a unique item for Sky and Some routers don’t support it. So the question is does peplink routers support it and does Sky require this on all routers that connect to their network or if they provide X type of equipment then any router or device after “double nat if they give you a combo box” does that have to be configured with DHCP opt 61?

Found some info on Netgear stuff …
(any non xDSL Nighthawk Router and certain other devices), isn’t able to support DHCP Option 61 or MER (Mac Encapsulated Routing).

MER authentication for Sky would be supported on an upstream device such as the Sky modem/router or a Nighthawk DSL Router.

So simply connect “said” Router via its WAN port to the upstream device and that’s it, ie., in Internet settings, set “Does your Internet connection require a login?” to “No”.

Only connedtion is “said router” would inherit a private WAN IP, so a double NAT scenario. If your using a cbo box from ISP and not just a modem. If your using just a modem then no double NAT and then the question of does your peplimk support DHCP Option 61 ?