Bridge Mode on Peplink/Pepwave routers - setting up a DrayTek Vigor 130 modem

Hello Peplink Community,
We use the Draytek Vigor 130 modems extensively with clients in Australia that are either still on ADSL or have transitioned to NBN’s VDSL service in preference to the other name brand vendors.

Note: The principles shown here can be applied to many other brands of modems.
It is worth noting that most ISP supplied modem supplied since 2015 will not allow you to use Bridge Mode so you will need to source your own modem.
There are two things important with the Draytek Vigor 130 that you need to get right.

  • Load the latest regional county version of firmware for your ISP
  • Configure the modem into Bridge Mode

If you have already put some settings into the Draytek then we recommend that you factory reset the unit when you do the firmware upgrade and then start again, there are only a few screens you need to change things in, these are screenshots from a system running ADSL (due to be upgraded in a few months) where the default IP has been changed. (Note: the default IP for the Draytek is, we recommend changing this ASAP, see step 5)

  1. Firstly do the firmware, this shows a stable release we have been using
  2. Under General Setup, leave everything on “Auto
  3. Under PPPoE/PPPoA, for “PPPoE/PPPoA Client” select “Disable
  4. Under MPoA / Static or dynamic IP, for “MPoA (RFC1483/2684)” select “Enable” and setup you Encapsulation as required by you ISP (shown works for most ISP in Australia)
  5. This part is an option, though if you want to monitor and manage your Draytek when in bridge mode, we highly recommend changing the default IP, this is an example you can use.

Once those are done, you can follow @MartinLangmaid notes. You can also find more details here

Note: You will need to set up your management IP within your Peplink/Pepwave router to match what you did in step 5 above. If you use the same subnet as in the example, then you could put the Management IP of

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: