How could I configure a payment method in the captive portal of my router?

I have a Pepwave MAX BR1 LTE and would like to do the following:

  • That the user enjoy 20 minutes of free internet
  • When the user reconnects, have two options:
    to. Paying for a higher speed
    b. Wait for a period of time and reconnect at a lower speed.

use its compatible with the br1.



Do you know if this support also login via regular webpage?

This is what we want to implement:

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Hey PG! I’ve been thinking about this since you brought it up when I saw you. I think they way to do this would be to host your own custom splash page on the contenthub itself. So when users connect to wifi they get redirected to the contenthub and your splash page first (where they can they be shown links to local contenthub content) and then you could redirect them on a ‘Connect To Internet Button’ press to authenticate them or collect email addresses as needed…

Ala Configuring an External Splash Page for Captive Portal

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That will be the plan indeed but it looks like we then lack facebook or sms
authentication and the benefit of all IC2 reporting…

Hence the need to go to an external service like hotspot.

I bet - with a moment or two of playing, that we could set the external splash page to be a page on the content hub and then redirect to a hosted captive portal.

The page on the contenthub would be come a man-in-the-middle captive portal handler, it would forward the client IP and mac to the hosted captive portal.wait for the responses form that portal and then act as a relay between the hosted portal and the MAX device. The benefit of course is that the content hub page could be aware of the current internet connectivity state of the device its running on and so only show the ‘connect to the internet’ button when there is an internet connection.

The trick would be to keep track of the lan device auth cycle/state so you know when to forward the auth requests & responses onto the hosted captive portal (for those devices in the middle of authenticating / social logon) and when you just need to display a ‘connect to the internet’ button (for new lan devices).

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