Holy Mass live-streaming with Max 700 hw revision 2

Good day all,

We’ve been live-streaming weekly for a few months on an LTE modem. Using a GL.Inet wifi capture to access points in sanctuary.

Our LTE modem connection ain’t the greatest and can be spotty at times.

We had an older Max 700 rev2 available so through that into the mix. Using our gl.inet lan into the Max 700 wan1 and using an iPhone hotspot on an LTE as secondary Wifi as Wan.

We have both set in Priority 1 thinking this would provide bonding/smoothing. But seems like the Max is not fully distributing the load between the two. 90%+ traffic is going to one WAN. Our connection dropped out a couple of times or was jittery. We could also see wan speed drops in our Max dashboard.

Do we need a SFC license to unlock the wan smoothing and bonding?

Not clear on how best this should be configured to give us best possible connection when streaming.

If someone can point me in the right direction or provide some tips and advice I’d much appreciate it!


No, that would provide load balancing, with session level failover.

Yes. Or a self hosted Fusionhub in the cloud.

Assuming you have enough bandwidth on one of your LTE connections for the upload then turn on WAN smoothing to duplicate the packets.

Thanks @MartinLangmaid

The LTE service is not the greatest. We’re in a very dense service area with a major provider. Signal strength varies. Upload varies from 3-15 MBPS.

We’re streaming 720p at 2.5 mbps bit rate. Our parish LTE service also a 60 GB monthly data cap so data usage is closely monitored.

I’ll research SFC option further. We don’t need much. The basic tier is all we’d need.