Help! Which Balance has SpeedFusion?

I need a Balance (or other) router that has bonding/SpeedFusion. The Balance 20 and Balance 30 look like they will work. I see some places where SpeedFusion is available and some are not.

Since this is at my home, I would us the SpeedFusion Solo license.

Thanks in advance! Merry Christmas

Hi. You can see a comparison of the Balance family here. If you want SpeedFusion “built-in,” this feature starts at the 210 and higher. However, an optional license is available for others such as the Balance One and Balance One Core. (All Peplink routers include PepVPN.) - Rick


Hi Rick. I do want SpeedFusion included. If built-in means that I do not need to configure an AWS server, then that is great for me. The details online are somewhat confusion. To confirm, the Balance 20 and 30 do NOT have the ability to bond multiple connections? But the 210 does?

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@Osensnolf, can you elaborate more of your request?

2 x Peplink routers are needed if you are looking for SpeedFusion Bonding.

If you need WAN load balancing, 1 x Peplink router will do.

Please find the KB below for better understanding.

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Hi Steve. SpeedFusion “comes with” the B210 and is available with an optional license with the lower end models. Personally? If I wanted to use SF with a model less expensive than the 210 I’d go with the Balance One which is only slightly more expensive than the B20. The link I posted previously should explain the rationale, at least in part.

I’m assuming (perhaps in error?) you understand the information @TK_Liew referenced in the immediately -previous post.

If you are in North America if you want to send me a PM I’ll give you my phone number and I’ll be glad to explain it all over the phone.

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I have 5 internet connections to my house (3 Verizion, 1 ATT, and 1 local 4G provider). Some of those plans cost more than others. Some have good download but poor upload and some hare poor download but great upload.

My goal is to create a stable decently fast connection.

If one connection is down for the moment, I do not want to notice it.

From the router, I’ll go connect to my Eero Base and that is what powers the WiFi throughout the house.

I have a CradlePoint 1600AER that has WAN/LAN and USB/LAN and WiFI/LAN. I haven’t seen any Peplink that have WiFi as LAN except for the Soho but it doens’t have as many WAN ports.

Ahhh. Well, if you’re employing 4G to such an extent, have you looked at the Max series?

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Look at each model’s speedfusion encrypted max throughput too.

I’m not close to cell towers, and I found that a peplink max br1 mini LTEA version can get much faster and more reliable speeds than the att or verizon jetpacks or smartphone for me. Your results may vary of course, but a BR1 with external antenna has worked really well for me where my cell signal is weak.

Speedfusion works great for providing an unbreakable connection. You can also utilize some links for upload only and some for download only for example too although I haven’t done that much. In my limited experience since starting with speedfusion this summer, I’ve struggled with links that are highly variable. A slow link seems to drag the others down. You may find that bonding your worst cell links isn’t additive but instead makes it worse.

You could do a combination of bonding for unbreakable and load balancing sending some low-priority traffic over the worst cell links too. I haven’t done this year, but am thinking my ideal setup may be to create two speedfusion tunnels.

Priority has my best connection used mainly and overflows to my slower link.

Guest has my slower link used mainly and overflows to my best connection in case the slower link fails. This would be used for netflix, various less important devices for them to update, etc.

Let us know how you get it setup and how it goes!


UPDATE: It was mentioned that two severs are needed. I’ll be setting up SpeedFusion on a Vultr VPS. Their 1TB/m plan is only $6/m and I can load the image onto the server. That counts as the “second” server that I would need on the other end - correct?

That said, the One and 210 both would allow SpeedFusion - correct? All I need is a Solo license. Other than buying the router and signing up for the free license, what other fees would I have?

Also, does the One allow for WiFi as WAN? My Cradlepoint allows me to pull up a WiFi signal (such as a hotspot) and use it for network traffic. It’s a great feature but Cradlepoint doesn’t have bonding service.

I’ll run a wired connection from the LAN port of the router to the Eero that gives wifi to the house.

Yes. You can either connect a balance router via speedfusion to another balance router, or you can connect a balance router via speedfusion to the fusionhub in the cloud.

I believe the Balance One is sold with and without the SpeedFusion license option. Where I buy my peplink gear, the speedfusion license for the Balance One was more expensive than the base unit, whereas the 210 was priced with the SpeedFusion license included.

Other than that, there are no mandatory ongoing fees that I know of other than the small monthly cost of the cloud instance. This was another major selling feature for me of peplink over competitor bonding solutions that had a steep monthly fee

If you want to use InControl to manage your device, I believe you need to renew that.

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Balance series don’t have WiFi as WAN. Surf Soho and MAX series have WiFi as WAN.

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How man WiFi networks can WiFi as WAN connect to? One?

Do any have WiFi as WAN and allow for 2 wired connections?

Some devices can connect 1 x 2.4GHz Wi-FI WAN and 1 x 5GHz Wi-FI WAN, but your can pre-config multiple ssid profiles.

You can compare all the MAX series here as mentioned by @Rick-DC :

Or the best solution is to contact a local Peplink Reseller to find the optimal device for you.

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The thought of 1 at 2.4 and 1 at 5GHz did not cross my mind. It’s great hanging out with smart people.

I was able to pick up the Balance 210 for $100. Decent price? I would install a solo Speed Fusion on it (home use).

But now that you mention I can connect two WiFi as WAN, I wonder if Balance One is a better option. Thoughts?

I have two Verizon Hotspot devices (each a different account).

One ATT wired account.

One Verizon connection in the CradlePoint AER1600.

So four total. I could do two wired and two wireless and setup Bonding with those.

Do you see any reason that idea would not work?

Goal: Connect all of my ISP accounts to the router and then run an LAN connection to my Eero base station. Eero is what distributes the WiFi through the house. VERY well I might add considering some walls are 14” thick (yes, fourteen).

Is that a typo? (they go for $1,300 and up new)

No typo. It was used and on ebay from reliable seller and did not include a power supply. I have not connected to it but it powers up and looks to be in great shape.