Help Needed, Peplink Balance IPSec VPN with AWS

Hi all,

Anyone successfully setup IPSec VPN with AWS ?

Our AWS VPC is managed by our vendor and it seems like everything is set up correctly and straight forward in AWS.
However there is no specific configuration for peplink available, only generic.

On my Peplink Balance 710 the config setting for IPSec with IKEv1 also is very direct, I just fill up all the local and remote site IP and subnets, with setting and the pre shared key.

But, we are unable to establish the tunnel, from peplink logs it says that AWS are refusing connection from our network.

However there is one strange configuration needed by AWS, it seems like we also need to set internal interface IP for our WAN … the configuration goes like this

###instruction form AWS######
The Customer Gateway inside IP address should be configured on your tunnel

Outside IP Addresses:

  • Customer Gateway : 210.185.x.x (our wan IP)
  • Virtual Private Gateway : 13.250.x.x (AWS/remote wan IP)

Inside IP Addresses

  • Customer Gateway : (where should I set these IP in Peplink ???)
  • Virtual Private Gateway :

#4: Static Routing Configuration:

To route traffic between your internal network and your VPC,
you will need a static route added to your router.

Static Route Configuration Options:

  • Next hop : (and AWS requires static routes for our internal subnets to be forward to this ip as well ???)

Appreciate any comments, If any of you have done this before…

Take a look here: AWS Transit Gateway Connect Support

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Thanks Martin, so this means for AWS we have to use GRE Tunnel instead of IPSec VPN ?