HD4 - Fusion Hub AWS

Dear All,
I use a MAX HD4 in speedfusion with an AWS FusionHub (created with this guide Deploying FusionHub on Amazon Web Services (AWS)). The link between the two works but I don’t have internet access in hd4. HD4 has its own dhcp network and all traffic is directed on the vpn with speedfusion, the fusion hub is in NAT mode. what is the problem? thanks

Did you do this bit?

Configure​ the Basic Security Group settings as follows:
● Remove SSH
● Add TCP 2222/32015
● Add UDP 4500
● Add HTTP/HTTPS <<<<<<<<<

Can you managed FusionHub from IC2 ok?

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The Basic Security Group is set up as in the photo. The fusionhub is properly managed by its public ip. it can also be managed from IC2.
The link between HD4 and Fusion Hub is “Established”. I can also control the FusionHub from HD4’s LAN network (through local ip) but I don’t access the internet. I think it’s nonsense, but I don’t understand which setting is wrong

I solved. I was diverting all traffic to another disabled fusionhub. Thank you

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