HD2 IP67 with SIM injector

I am looking for some details to install a SIM injector with a HD2 IP67. I am using version 8.02 on the HD2 and version1.1.18 on the SIM injector.

To power the HD2 with PoE I need to use the WAN port, correct? And when I need to access the SIM injector via the LAN, I need to configure the WAN port of the HD2 as a LAN port, correct?

I prefer to use eSIM’s in the HD2 as they give global coverage and use local SIM’s in the injector, as costs can be lower. I have the problem when using eSIM’s in the HD2, the local SIM in the injector is not working, the modem stays in obtaining IP address status. Is this a known issue?

Is there an install/user manual availlable for the HD2 IP67 with SIM injector, there is very limited info available on the forum and partner pavilion.

Looking forward for some feedback. Edwin

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Yes and Yes.

Yes - assuming you need to enable data roaming on the eSIMs? Pretty sure you’ll need a custom firmware with roaming support.

Also last time I checked, fusionSIM wasn’t supported on the HD2 IP67 so unless you have a very new unit that now supports it - that could be an issue too.

I would log a ticket with engineering to get some help.


I have the HD2 IP67 with SIM injector working. HD2 has hardware revision 4 and Injector hardware version 2. The HD2 has an esim with manual APN, which is required, and roaming enabled. In the injector I am using a local SIM and use the vodafone APN via Remote SIM Management, normally not required, and now it is working fine. So the eSIM is for management purposes and works globally, the local SIM will be used for data as costs are typically lower. So happy its working.