HD1 Dome + roaming + band details

I have an HD1 Dome with a PEPXIM SIM injector and have a few questions about showing band details, how SIMs are selected, and roaming settings that I can’t find anywhere in a manual. I’ve used the MAX Transit products for years, and am comparing my experience there to the HD1 Dome. Apologies if these are documented elsewhere:

I’m running firmware version 8.0.2 build 4407 on the HD1 Dome, and firmware 1.1.8 on the PEPXIM SIM injector.

How can you set a SIM to not allow roaming in the PEPXIM? Similarly, how can you set things such as forcing specific bands, picking 3G/LTE, etc? Is there a newer version of firmware for the PEPXIM/HD1 that could enable this?

What logic does the HD1 use to pick a SIM? Will it use the signal level limits and switch over to a new one? I figured out how to use a colon and number to specify the SIM slot in the PEPXIM, but it seems like there is some functionality missing here compared to the MAX Transit.

Are Bandwidth Allowance Monitors honored?

I’m seeing funky info for an LTE-A connection for the secondary bands. Not on all carriers - it seems to only show on Verizon (see below) where the secondary bands don’t show a band identifier, but show very odd signal levels. I know I am getting an -A connection because of my overall throughput (70Mbps plus versus standard LTE) and I have a MAX Transit installed on the same boat that shows the correct info.


There are few bugs reported for the WebUI display in firmware 8.0.2 for the Cellular connection and tentatively should be fix in firmware 8.1.0 (beta 4 now). Do you think you can open a ticket for support team to further confirm ?


I’m happy to try 8.1.0 b4 if that is the solution instead of opening a support ticket to save time/resources on your end, at least for the weird display.


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I upgraded to 8.1.0b4 and can see more details at certain times, but still see some blank band info.

On a positive note, I see the controls in Remote SIM Management to set various SIMs for roaming/no roaming which was my biggest concern with 8.0.x

I am also seeing better throughput performance in general on 8.1.0b4 with what looks like better band management / three secondary bands instead of just two.


Would you please open a ticket for support team to check as well ? If you have done that , possible to share the ticket number ?


Sure. I have not done that, but I will now and I will post it back here.

Ticket opened, #20060796