HD Dome Mounting Options

I’ve had customers asking for a proper marine mount for over a year. While I understand that it is still in process, even a general ETA of “sometime in the next few months” would be helpful. People are choosing other technologies because they cannot mount this in a proper way on a boat without water intrusion.

I have also asked for an update. The lack of information is a bit frustrating. There was a thread about a non-Peplink solution, but when Peplink stepped in I believe that effort stopped.

I have a full design for a stainless mount, in two pieces so it can be installed on a 1" marine mount without twisting the cable. The challenge is it’s expensive to make. I have the design, cad files, and quote from the machine shop.

I’m curious, for the dealers looking for this, what is a reasonable cost for this part you’d be willing to pay? Considering that the HDDome solution (dome and SIM injector) retails for $3-4.5K.

I’d pay $25-50. I need about a dozen.

Unfortunately the quotes I have for actual machining and material are about 10X that.

We plan on having this available in about a months time.

Please see the images below.

I will update with the full spec sheet later


Great news! thank you.

Here are more pre-release pictures :wink: Keep tuned!


Team, this is a glorious design! Well done. If priced right, this is sure to be a fast mover. Thank you.


These will be fantastic. Can’t wait to see pricing and shipping info. I have a ton of customers who would order these.

In the meantime, I have built my own PUMA mounts using some common PVC fittings.

Not the prettiest but a good place holder until we have the real thing.


Hey Sam,

Is there a chance you could provide us with an ETA for this mount? We are super interested to mount these on our vessels on very short term!

Are there any technical CAD drawings available for the mount plate so we can make preparations already?

Thanks in advance!

Ruben Theys
Seafar NV

Doug ‘MacGyver’ Miller - that is brilliant!

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Hi guys.

Does anyone know the pitch of the M35 thread on the bottom of the HD2 dome?

Could be 1.0 or 1.5 or 2.0 or 2.5…?

Thanks in advance.

@captain Josh, the pitch is 1.5mm (fine)

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Ok, Peplink, we’re approaching a year to produce these. As a professional marine electronics installer I can’t cobble together a solution from the Home Depot plumbing aisle, although I applaud the ingenuity of those who have. The Puma line of antennas has great potential in the leisure maritime industry, but until we have a 1" X 14 thread base we can’t really use them. No one wants a 2.5" hole in their deck for an antenna that may be usable for a few years at best. Please let us know what’s going on with the mounts. Please.

Hi William,

we are going to announce Marine Deck mounts in late July or August. Stay tuned to our forum or newsletter.

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Its clear that a lot of people are looking forward to this mount, myself included. Late july has just passed :slight_smile: Are there any news?

I know there’s a lot of CAD enthusiasts in here, perhaps someone has made a temporary mount that could be 3D printed?? We have used PETG before in the marine environment, for small custom attachments…

Hi Wiktor,

Please contact a Peplink Certified Partner in your region for purchase.

Here an official announcement in our Forum :wink:

Thanks for the update, missed that :wink: Hope it can be delivered soon! :slight_smile: