HD Dome Mounting Options

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For the mounting of the HD Dome, would you like a sleeve like in this photo?

It would be M35 Female on one end to completely cover the M35 thread of the Dome and 1"x 14 standard Female on the other end to fit onto an 1"x 14 standard male maritime fitting

It would be in 316 Stainless-steel

Would you want a cable exit opening (like in this image - ignore the fact its plastic!) or prefer the cables go all the way through the base of the 1"x 14 standard base
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Please add any comments and suggestions!

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Hi Sam looks good however I would go with a sleeve that could offer both cable run directions similar to how Poynting do it with the likes of the 402 omni just in case you need to rail mount.


Hi @JustinEccott
I agree with having both options, its just difficult with stainless steel as its not possible to have a “punch out panel” like on the plastic base on the Poynting antenna.

It would be possible to drill a hole the sleeve yourself but you would need to make sure the cable does not chafe. Obviously this is not ideal as you just want to install it and not bother about modifying it.

We would like to keep the number of accessories & adapters at a minimum unless there is really a need

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I do agree need both options! Most antennas offer it. Some use a rubber gasket/insert to plug the hole if its a straight-through run. Or simply include two different adapters? Will be key to keep things waterproof because on boats big waves can hit the units depending where they are mounted and last thing you want is water going into the unit where the connections are or into the boat’s electrical spaces through the mount.

Watertightness is also a thing to consider for the Dome as the ethernet connector itself is not waterproof so if a cable exit was included on the side, it would have to not allow water ingress.
I agree about watertightness and not letting water follow the cables.

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