Gps Nmea message generated from GPS receiver or from Pepwave?

Hi, can I double check for NMEA GPS messages that Pepwave is forwarding, the messages are generated by Pepwave or by the external GPS antenna? Cause I want to confirm if the timestamp inside the NMEA messages comes from Pepwave or from the external GPS antenna itself. Thanks.

GPS by design will have extremely accurate time data, so there won’t be any difference in a current NMEA sentence between Peplink or another GPS source.


May i know the concerns ? You have GPS timing issue ?

Please check the below forum post for the recent announcement regarding to GPS timing.

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My side currently found out that the current location shown on our application has a delay time of roughly about 5 to 7 seconds when compared to our actual location and we are trying to diagnose where is the delay coming from.
Thus I wanted to double check if the timestamp in the NMEA message forwarded by Pepwave is from Pepwave router’s clock or from GPS/Sattelite itself to be able to pinpoint roughly the delay if possible


Please open a ticket for support team to check. This is something that need to investigate from the device.

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