2019 GPS Week Rollover is on April 6 - What You Need to Know


There is an upcoming issue that may impact the time reported by systems using GPS. This issue impacts some Peplink routers with GPS functionality. Read below for more background and how to address this issue with our products.


The Global Positioning System provides positioning fixes and timing information to GPS receivers. The timing information includes a ‘week’ component represented as an integer value from 0–1023. This value will ‘roll over’ on 06 April 2019. As a result, the time reported to customer applications by the units will be incorrect.

Am I impacted?

Anyone using GPS through the IC2 interface is not affected. IC2 will automatically adjust for this change.

This issue will only impact you if both conditions apply:

  1. You use the GPS Forwarding feature
  2. You have a model with an affected GPS module
    • Product SKUs ending in *-LTE-E, *-LTE-US, *-AE
    • Models with a Sierra Wireless radio are not impacted until Nov 3, 2019. Please verify which of the affected modules your router is using:
Manufacturer Model Impact Date
Sierra Wireless MC7354 Nov 3 2019
Sierra Wireless MC7304 Nov 3 2019
Telit HE910 April 6 2019
Telit LE910-NA V2 April 6 2019

If you are impacted:

  • We have fixed this issue in firmware 8.0.0 RC3 or above. Please upgrade your router’s firmware.