FusionHub Solo on AWS

I note the FusionHub Solo product page recommends an AWS EC2 instance type of t2.micro. Was this recommendation based on when the FusionHub throughput was limited to 100 Mb/s? Now that this throughput limit has been removed, does the t2.micro impose any limitations in terms of throughput? Do we need to be looking at other instance types if we are wanting higher FusionHub Solo throughputs, and if so are there any official guidelines? Do the sizing guidelines for regular FusionHub apply to FusionHub Solo also?


t2.micro is the most cost-effective instance type to run FusionHub-Solo with balanced cost and network performance, or use even more cost-effective t3 instance if you setup FusionHub from AWS Marketplace. t2.micro can bursts and sustains up to 550-600Mbps in our test. Of course, network performance depends on AWS not FusionHub itself and AWS does not specify a guaranteed network throughput. t2.micro is marked as “Low to Moderate” network performance by AWS.

If you find t2.micro is not fulfill your requirement, you can try other instance type (e.g. t2.xlarge, network performance is marked as “Moderate” by AWS).

To change FusionHub’s instance type:

  1. stop the FusionHub instance
  2. select desire instance type
  3. start the instance

That’s great info @Kenny, thank you.

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