Fusionhub Solo and Openvpn


Is posible to have a Peplink device connected to a Fusionhub Solo and an OpenVPN user at the same time?. I know Fusionhub Solo is limited to one peer but not sure if the OpenVPN user is considered as a peer.

I’m testing a Fusionhub Solo installed at AWS. Speedfusion connection between a BR1 MK2 and Fusionhub is ok. After enabling OpenVPN in Fusionhub, open UDP 1194 port in AWS console, download and install the configuration file (using tunnelblick as client), the OpenVPN connection does not work, no answer from the server (Fusionhub).

I captured the packets in Fusionhub when trying to start an OpenVPN session to check if the requests were arriving and yes, they arrive but Fusionhub replies with an ICMP Port Unreachable as if the OpenVPN server was not started (or listening) at port UDP 1194.

Some idea?.

Thanks and regards.

Hi, we found an issue that FusionHub’s OpenVPN may not work if fresh installed from 8.0.2 disk image. Please upgrade to this firmware to fix it.


Hi Kenny,

Thanks for your answer. After the upgrade, OpenVPN is working.


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