FusionHub dual LTE bonding with FEC livestream results

Using a Max 700 (rev2) router… Both WAN1 and Wifi as Wan on priority 1 in SF profile. All traffic routing to SF profile. (streaming rig and secondary laptop)

WAN1 captured via wifi wan on GL.inet router to our parish Unifi APs which run off Rogers ZTE LTE modem
Wifi as WAN to a Hotspot iphone on VideoTron LTE

Lots of packet issues it seems and not sure what the deal is with the iPhone hotspot and latency issues… carrier? hotspot? Both?

I think in a bonding scenario, having disparate latency between the two is an issue? Packet errors a problem or normal?

We started the livestream off at 1080p 4.5mbps bitrate but had to quickly roll it back to 720p at 2.5mbps bitrate.

Wan analyis upload was showing a combined upload bandwidth of 4-5mbps… So that explains why the 1080p stream failed. FEC settings set to low, so approx 13% overhead loss as well to contend with.

We have 2 unifi AP AC Pros in the parish both configured on the same channels, which I believe may be a source of issues as well.

Liking the geek factor of using Speedfusion, but we need better more reliable WANs to work with I think.

Any advice or tips other things to consider (other than better WANs) ?

Update: Read through and watched FEC intro video here:

Noticed i hadn’t turned on FEC at the FusionHub appliance, only on the Max 700. I guess this means video would not have been corrected by FEC if the receiving end didnt have FEC enabled?