FusionHub Capabilities in the CLOUD


Here is my issue:

I have 2 FusionHub which are deployed as concentrators, DC1 in EU (offices in BE, CZ, SK, UK), and DC2 in Japan (offices in JP, KR, VN, CN).
both FusionHubs are connected together using the fast network of my cloud datacenters.

It is really important as it suppress the distance between my locations for a limited cost compared to leased line / MPLS etc…

However I have most of my applications running in DC1.

it is a dedicated cloud with lots of VMs, many subnets, routers, firewalls etc…

-> Unless I set the FusionHub in DC1 to be the exit point for all the balance routers, my offices in Asia (using DC2 as concentrator) can only connect to the LAN directly attached to the FusionHub in DC1.

I am looking to have the possibility to add gateways and static routes on the LAN interface.

We moved our datacenters in the cloud because it permits to meet business continuity objectives,
We selected Peplink for the same reason.

Could you please study the possibility for FusionHub to become a real router for cloud datacenters.

it is silly to be limited by a single concentrator design.


Hi Florent,

Can you share the graphical network diagram on this?

  • Both FusionHubs are having LAN and WAN interfaces?
  • Understand that both FusionHub is interconnected with a fast network. Can you help to elaborate more on this? Both are interconnected with a SpeedFusion tunnel via the fast network?

Hi TK Liew,

here is the diagram:

The link between the 2 fusionhub is performant as I using the network interconnecting 2 regions of the same cloud operator. It has low latency in regard of the distance and I get over 100bits between Europe and Asia.

As I am relying on affordable internet providers. When in Asia, connecting to DC1 via DC2 is more reliable than connecting to DC1 directly from Asian branches.

I am still in testing phase and I am evaluating my deployment choices.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Florent,

We do have roadmap to support static route in FusionHub.

I assume both of your FusionHub are having WAN interface only. Below is the suggested design.

I am looking forward to have more options in future.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Florent,

beta firmware 6.3.2s002 with Static Route support.
You need to configure the VLAN switch in DC1 to route all SpeedFusion networks to DC1’s FusionHub.

Hi Kenny,

Excellent news, I will upgrade the firmware.


Hi Florent,

Have you deploy the firmware? Any feedback?

Hi Kenny,

I deployed the firmware. static routes are working very well.
I am very happy about it.

Nevertheless, I am not using inControl as there are some bugs.
For example if I choose a star deployment, I cannot see the FusionHub devices when asked to select a hub, the drop down select options are “blank”.

Also my two FusionHub WAN are behind NAT 1:1 (EC2) and I cannot deploy the tunnel via inControl.

I will stick to local admin interface for now and I will let you know more once I finish my deployment as I am still waiting for custom clearance on some of my routers.

Overall thank you for the firmware, it does what I need.



For the IC2 star deployment issue, can you open a support ticket here for the team to further check ?

Thank you

Hi Sitloongs,

I was making a mistake while using the wizard to create a star network.
I was selecting every endpoints including the hub at the endpoints selection stage, then I would not have any Hub available at the hub selection step.

Therefore there is no need to open a ticket about that.

Also I have some additional questions:

  1. Could it be possible to show the name of a router within the web admin interface,
    at the moment it is only displayed at the tab level of my web browser ex: “Web Admin - US-FW1” or “Web Admin - Balance-XXXX” if I have not renamed it.

  2. Once I have created a star topology within InControl, is it possible to choose on a per endpoint basis, if the hub will be used as an exit point for all traffic, and also to adjust the cost.


  1. You may view the router name via the “Status” tab of the routers GUI.

  2. Appreciate if you could provide a example scenario in your case for better understanding on my end.

Hi Jarid,

  1. I agree, however if you have 5 routers web admin open, it is not obvious to identify which page is what.

  2. When you use inControl to setup SpeedFusion, the local management becomes greyed.
    Which means that you cannot edit the profiles which were created via inControl.
    Normally it is possible set “Send All Traffic To” on the balance router web admin.

Example: 3 offices connect to a FusionHub for VPN, however 1 office located in a country with poor connectivity, needs in addition to set “Send All Traffic To” the FusionHub device.

If you create a star topology via inControl, it will ask you to to set “Send All Traffic To” for every endpoints.
If you create tunnels via inControl, it wont let you set “Send All Traffic To” anywhere.

Anyway it ain’t a big issue as I can create topology manually from the local admin interface of my routers.


Hi Florent,

You can create 2 profiles to achieve your requirement. Please find the screenshot below.


I deployed the beta firmware on my two Fusionhub like on the schema you offered.
I was able to configure my SpeedFusion via inControl.

However if on one of my FusionHub, I tick the box “Route PepVPN traffic to LAN” on LAN interface,
it will break the star, and spoke routers wont be able to communicate with each other.

and when I untick the box, I cannot use LAN static routes on the FusionHub.

Do you have a newer firmware which would fix this issue?



I am using the beta firmware, and I have the following problem:

When I add a static route on the LAN interface of my FusionHub,
I can see that the route is propagated on the status of my speedfusion tunnel on my balance routers.
However it wont route past the LAN network of my FusionHub.

The only way to have access to the static route from my balance routers, is to tick the box “Route PepVPN traffic to LAN” on the FusionHub.
But when I do that, it will break the communication between my balance routers.

Any idea of to solve this problem?


May I know which firmware version you are using? I tested on v6.3.2s002, it was working fine. Please find the screenshot below.

Network connectivity

( MFA router—>
----------------------------------------------FusionHub(LAN,–Static route–>(
( HD4 router------->

Before add static route on FusionHub

After adding static route on FusionHub

Please share your network connectivity (with IP addresses) and screenshot of the static route of FusionHub. Please open ticket for us to take closer look if the info is sensitive.

Hi TK,

I am running the same firmware: 6.3.2s002 build 1425

Yesterday I was able to solve this issue.

I did the following:

  1. untick the box “Route PEP to LAN” on my FusionHub
  2. remove all SpeedFusion configuration in inControl.
  3. create 2 star topology, one for each fusionhub.
  4. create a tunnel between my two fusionhub.

All traffic is now properly routed from everywhere.

Somehow my previous configuration got corrupted and redoing everything from scratch helped.

I believe problem started to appear when I connected my US router to both my FusionHub in Japan and Europe.
the topology starts to break once I do that.

Thank for your support,


Hi Florent,

Thanks for the update! :up:

Hi All, i download from Peplink website the new version of Fusion Hub 6.3.2 build 1424 , i don’t find the tab for configure a static route . Where can i find it ?