FUMO/PRL Update on MAXs

How can I update the FUMO (“Firmware Update Management Object”) and PRL (“Preferred Roaming List”) in a Pepwave MAX? These are both released periodically by the cellular carriers. The FUMO updates deal with changes to carrier network interfaces and functions. The PRL updates deal with roaming agreements between carriers. For example, when the T-Mobile/Sprint merger was announced about a year ago also announced was a no-cost (for end users) roaming agreement between them. There are many Sprint customers who want to access this roaming as they can get much better penetration using T-Mobile’s band 12 than is possible with any of Sprint’s bands. I have done this via the GUI on Cradlepoint devices. Where is the equivalent capability on Pepwave MAXs?



Assuming that the FUMO needed is the modem and not device, check out this link;

As far as PRL goes, most IP-based carrier networks (4G and up) do not require the PRL update to initiate from the UE but rather send out on a periodic basis, as needed. IMO, roaming agreements do not change often enough to make this a required routine process. Not like the old days anyhow. That said, each time the device registers on the network, and communicated with it’s EPC HSS, it is “updated.”

I will say that the advantage goes to Peplink for Advanced Band Selection (not an option in Cradlepoint) which may help to find that “sweet spot” BAND.

For the Community, here is a link to what lenl is referencing on Cradlepoint;

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Thanks for the response. I am quite familiar with the support.cgi page. Fortunately modem firmware updates are an infrequent occurrence. I suspect this is at least partially due to the certification processes of several of the carriers (ie: Verizon & Sprint).

My specific problem is that I have close to 1,000 LTEA Minis installed in multiple end users using Sprint. Many of them want access to T-Mobile band 12 (700 MHz) for its better penetration. This is possible for them due to the roaming agreement signed concurrently with the April, 2018 merger agreement between T-Mobile and Sprint. This roaming agreement was done as a precursor to the merger being concluded.

The US cellular market’s participants have been stable for a number of years. The T-Mobile/Sprint merger is similar to many earlier mergers in this market. Think of Verizon’s history. It is the result of combining Bell Atlantic + Airtouch + GTE + Alltel + Ramcel + SureWest + Rural Cellular (and maybe more that I’ve forgotten). AT&T is similar.

Peplink needs to address the impact of this and other possible ownership changes in the cellular market. We’ve had a stable market for some time. This merger is like a decade ago. The T-Mobile/Sprint merger will likely be concluded very soon (days). Providing PRL update capabilities are a key requirement to deal with this change in the carrier market.

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Great information lenl! I like the proactive approach you are helping with.

Agree 100%. I think we need to hear from Peplink management on this issue.

@lenl, thanks for the call earlier.

Download link for 8.0.0s090

Please select the network mode as Sprint. Then save and apply.

For the RTN menu, Dashboard -> Details -> Click ‘?’ on Cellular Status -> Click to show engineering data and settings

The service activation menu will be shown. Here’s the screen capture for your reference.




Thanks, Tim! So is this more of a Sprint thing? Maybe USCC as well? We don’t need to do this with AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon… Apologies in advance for my ignorance.

Hey Beau, yes definitely a Sprint thing. Not sure on USCC…

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Thanks. We will test on an LTEA Mini with a Sprint data plan and see what happens. Of course, if we have an issue and send it to support/engineering the first thing they will say is you need to upgrade to the latest firmware level. I will keep you posted on the testing.