Full outages of speedfusion tunnels, all speedfusion tunnels go to starting state

any thoughts to why all speedfusion tunnels would go to starting state at one time? This happened last night at 11:30pm CST and I was forced to reboot all of the peplink devices to get the tunnels to come back up?

Hi @ahammond,

We would like to investigate, please open a support ticket here. Please also enable remote assistance on the devices involved, and attach a diagnostic report from the devices to the ticket submission form, to facilitate our investigation efforts.

For a guide to enabling remote assistance please see this, the diagnostic report can be obtained from the same screen.

Thank you.

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772357 is the customer’s ticket on this issue. It happened again today.

no one has contacted the customer yet on this issue and it appears to be resurfacing multiple times. Each time the issue occurs the logs on incontrol2 indicate that something has changed and been pushed to the remote devices, then they all need to be rebooted before their tunnels come back.

Hi @ahammond,

The customer has been contacted via the ticket. Thank you for the follow up.

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Hi @ahammond ,

I have the same problem over here as you.
Could you please tell me what they did to solve this problem for you?

This issue was caused by an update that was preformed on IC2. I opened a ticket with the peplink team and they resolved the issue, it was only affecting 1/2 of IC2 devices (i believe it was only on mars, not earth). It took a few more resets on the devices to stabilize the tunnels, now they have been up and running clean since this issue.

Ok thank you for your answer. I will look in to it.