Firmware Fix: KRACK WPA2 Vulnerability (VU#228519)

We have prepared new firmware to address the industry-wide KRACK vulnerability (VU#228519) as reported at CERT on October 16th, 2017:

Release 7.0.4
MediaFast: HD2, HD4

Release 7.0.3
MAX: 700, BR1 HW2, OTG HW2, BR1 Mini, BR1 Slim, BR1 Pro HW2-3, HD2, Hotspot, Transit

Release 6.3.5:
MAX: BR1 HW1, OTG HW1, BR1 Pro HW1
Surf: SOHO HW1

Release 1.1.1
Device Connector Rugged

Release 1.0.30
Surf On-The-Go

The link to the new firmware is available on our download page and IC2. To keep your device safe, we strongly recommend you download the new firmware as soon as possible.

Visit Download Page


I do NOT see a Firmware upgrade for the Pepwave Surf On The Go. My unit shows it has: Version: 1.0.26 (build:1260)
Date: 2015-06-02. When I click “Online Firmware Check” I’m told “Your Firmware is up to date”? REALLY??? Firmware that’s almost TWO YEARS OLD is “Up to date”? I tried to respond to the email Pepwave sent today telling me that new firmware WAS available. My reply was bounced back. Looks lake Pepwave DOESN’T want to be bothered.

You can download firmware version 1.0.30 at the Surf OTG download page here:

Our team will look into why it is not showing up as you described.

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My 580 says 6.3.1 build 1631 it also does not show the new 7.0.2, I was able to manually download and install.

What’s the patch timeline for the AP One AC Mini? I don’t see that one listed here.


AP’s were not affected by this, only products that had Wi-Fi as WAN capability.

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Hello Pepplink Team,
When will this be available through InControl2 Earth & Mars servers please?

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Download site and IC2 has same firmware release. The screenshot shows you are checking on Balance One which is not a affected by this issue, therefore 7.0.3 is not required for Balance One. And the latest firmware of the units without Wi-Fi WAN are still 7.0.2 or 6.3.4.

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Please try to check the firmware via Web Admin again, it should be work now.

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Hello Peplink Team,
On an HD4 Mediafast with firmware version 7.0.2. the update to 7.0.3. via the Web console, never ends.
When doing manual update this message appears:

Would you please contact support team via ?

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I do not see anything for MAX BR1 LTE - is there updated firmware for that device (it is what I have)?

MAX BR1 LTE is part of MAX BR1 family, so you may look for MAX BR1 at the firmware download page. Do take note to select the firmware that match your unit Hardware Revision.

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How do I find out the Hardware Revision? I have looked at the unit and also the WebAdmin and all it indicates is BR1 LTE.


Jim Kosloskey

Hi @chiliman,

You can find the hardware version from the Web Admin - Status Page, as shown below.




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How should I ask a related question about this topic

I am guessing that I should reply with my question.
I have a Surf AP 400 and I do not see that model in the firmware update lists. Should I worry, is a patch on the way, or must I dump the hardware to be safe?

Jack Morrow
New member but happy user for over a year.

That is an EOL model and there is no more support for it. The current model is the Surf On The Go. Thanks

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