Firmware Fix: KRACK WPA2 Vulnerability (VU#228519)

Thanks – I looked right past that before.

Hi Team,
Regarding the MAX-BR1-MK2.
In attempting a manual update today, I downloaded 7.0.3 build 2765 for the BR1 series hardware revision 2 as it fits the BR1-MK2 description best. Upon loading the firmware, the device reports that the firmware is an invalid image. I then loaded the firmware through IC2 in order to find the build that would be appropriate. Turns out it is using the same build as the BR1-IP55 and the Surf Soho (7.0.3 build 1260). I’m not sure if this will be consistent in future builds of the BR1-MK2 firmware, but it might be a good idea to list it separately under the MAX series to make manual searching easier.

For anyone else looking to upgrade the BR1-MK2 to the current 7.0.3 build 1260, Here’s a link:

Many thanks!

I have a MAX BR1 HW2 running 6.1.3 firmware. I’ve saved a copy of my current configuration. Will a configuration saved under 6.1.3 firmware work with 7.0.3 firmware?

Yes it will work just fine. Thanks

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