Firmware Expired for Pepwave Soho Mk3

Hi there, I am currently running the hotfixed firmware that addressed the issue where domain-based access rules causes 100% utilization. This was an issue in the beta firmware that had the UDP service forwarding I wanted to implement to redirect all my NTP traffic to a single server that I host.

Today I went to log in to review the FW logs and it won’t let me do anything because it says the firmware is expired.

However, to my knowledge, there is no current release newer than what I am running.

Downgrading will not be an option for me.

If the next production release isn’t slated to come soon, can you please extend the life of the firmware so I can continue to use the product?

Please refer to me feedbak below.

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Hi there, I just responded to your message on the other post. I’m sorry I didn’t get alerted by email that you responded to me 7 days ago. I just got the forum response notification a few minutes ago via email.

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