Firmware 8.2.0 Beta 2

We would like to announce that Firmware 8.2.0 Beta 2 is now available.

Supported models:
X Series, Balance, MAX, MediaFast, FusionHub, UBR, SpeedFusion Engine, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes
Download the Firmware


Are firmware releases cumulative in a sense that they include all of the discovered & fixed bugs over a period? For instance when special firmware is created - are those fixes always included in the next release?

I am looking at the release notes and dont see either of two bugs which I worked with support on over this last period.

Can you tell me if these two fixed bugs are part of 8.2.0b2?

21080534 - Max Transit C18 cellular vzw not reconnecting passing thru dead-zones. fixed w/ special firmware
21100859 - BR1 Pro 5G wifi-wan wont connect to XFINITY or ParksWiFi. fixed w/ special firmware

I am holding off installing beta1 or beta2 as I fear regression of these two items. Please advise. thx

@sitloongs Can you comment on the specific bug id for the tickets @erickufrin is talking about and indicate if they are included in b02. Sounds like something that crosses into items we have reported.

Let me have a look. Normally Support Engineer will tell which GA version will included for the special firmware.

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Both fixes included in firmware 8.2.0 beta. You are welcome to join as a beta tester for 8.2.0 beta2. Do let us know if you see any issue for the firmware.

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@sitloongs - thank you for the confirmation!

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Any changes in the device API?

update went well. i did have a strange thing where my 5G thales would not connect to ATT without APN. But it’s working now. When can we get a 2nd or 3rd license for more openvpn connections?

I am having difficulty with support understanding that the OpenVPN for Beta 2 is not routing the traffic correctly in my case even though it shows it going through the VPN on the status interface. My ticket # is 22010493. The trace route confirms the traffic is not going through the VPN interface and instead is going directly over the cable internet without tunneling through the VPN.

They keep logging in and saying everything is fine.

@meierwj Support Engineer will review the latest finding and get back to you shortly. Please keep posting in the ticket if you have any concerns.

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For more OpenVPN WAN connection, would you able to share the use case ? I can help bring this to Engineering team to further consider.

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My problem with OpenVPN was resolved with a hot fix that will be in the next firmware release.

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I have noticed that the Cellular health check on the b20X is often alerting on Beta 2. The interface does not reset, but the health check bounces.

I switched back to Beta 1 and the issue subsided. It was stable on 8.1.3 as well.

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I do a nightly reboot because i find that the openvpn wan will be in a strange state where it says “disconnected” then “connecting” but never connects, i have had this problem with the balance 20x and now the balance 310 5g. The only way to recover is to reboot. I can then get a connection, but after disconnecting/reconnecting 2+ times, i can no longer connect and have to reboot. Whats different with this beta is after the nightly reboot i find that my outbound policy for a network is not honored unless i manually disconnect the openvpn, then reconnect. I’ll wake up tomorrow in the same situation.

Sure @sitloongs ! I rely on two CGNAT wireless connections, and host a number of different appliances, security, file sharing, etc, I need to have rules defined so certain vlans can host resources, sometimes the same port. Another is one appliance needs full vpn connection to another network, and another appliance needs a few ports. Hopefully this helps. I have done this with firewalla and openwrt, so i imagine there are others. Also, i mentioned that my openvpn rule today isn’t working for outbound policy after a scheduled nightly reboot unless i disconnect/reconnect every morning. The best way to find out is if i go to “” and i see my cgnat IP instead of my openvpn. I have already set the connection order. It’s easy to re-create. thanks

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You should create a support ticket. They installed a hot fix on my B20X to fix outbound policy errors for my OpenVPN WAN.

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8.2.0b02 build 5156 Installed OK onto Max BR1 - took two reboots for internet but restored.


For the health check issue , Can you please open a ticket for support team to check ?

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Thanks, I had to revert, I was causing too much trouble for those that depend on the device. I’ll hang tight and wait a rev or 2, hopefully they can confirm this behavior, and it sounds like others have had openvpn reconnection and outbound rule issues

I did the same thing. Their latest release did not include the hotfix that had resolved my issues.