Firmware 8.2.0 Beta 1

We would like to announce that Firmware 8.2.0 Beta 1 is now available.

Supported models:
X Series, Balance, MAX, UBR, SpeedFusion Engine, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes
Download the Firmware

Note: The coming beta firmware will include FusionHub and BR1 Pro 5G


Quite a list of fixes! Thank you for your hard work!

Out of curiosity, why is the BR1 Pro 5G not included in any of this? Is there a hardware reason that makes it substantially different than all other Peplink devices?

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Thank you for adding simultaneous dual WiFi as WAN to the MBX products!


Will the additional controls for DWB be added for the 20X in the GA release or a future beta?

Simply BR1 Pro 5G and FusionHub require more time for us to complete testing. We would want to release 8.2.0 Beta 1 first than wait further. Surely, we would want to put BR1 Pro 5G and FusionHub on the coming next Beta. Stay tuned. :smile:

[Update: 15 Jan 2022]
8.2.0 Beta 2 is now released, which includes BR1 Pro 5G and FusionHub.


Thank you. Do they require more time for testing due to complexity or varying environments? Do you have an ETA for Beta 9.0? I was surprised to see this still in the 8.2.x range, when there have been talk of 9.0.x for some time…

No ETA at this moment for 9.0 Beta since it keeps growing. That is why we want to have 8.2.0 which includes some discussed features of 9.0.


Thank you

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Hi @jgsieve

attempting to update my 5g (thales) modem firmware and it constantly says “resetting modem power for cellular update…”

please open a ticket for 5G modem issue. Thanks

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Hi Team,
8.2.0 looks interesting. Is there any update on support for ipv6 for B20X?

The Max Transit 5G is not explicitly listed. Is it included in this beta, or will it require a special release again?

MAX Transit 5G uses the same MAX Transit firmware.


The fix for Mitigate Bufferbloat is not in Firmware 8.2.0 Beta 1. Currently Mitigate Bufferbloat is operational for upload, but not for download. Download was discovered to be quite CPU intensive in the 8.0.0 beta, so was disabled for 8.0.0 GA.

Peplink has stated that this has a “target firmware of 8.2.0”. Will it be in a forthcoming 8.2.0 Beta?

FYI, Dave Taht, one of the fq_codel and Cake developers, recently posted on the Peplink forum that “With fq_codel already working for upload, I can’t see how it should be anything less than straightforward for Peplink to get downloads working. The router parade now includes Ubiquiti Edgerouters, MikroTik, Asus Merlin, IQrouter, Firewalla…” To see his in depth posting, see:

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8.2.0b1 is working fine in my system, but I notice that the client List dashboard has an odd icon now. a US style 2 prong AC plug for wired… rather than the icon for a RJ45. That seems like an odd choice.

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thanks for the new beta firmware.

I am facing intranet issues (router and clients are not reachable, network very slow) with my balance one.
A lot of log entries like this:
MAC address conflict: Received packet claiming to be from our MAC address… (routers own LAN mac)
What to do?

@ckirch - rollback firmware via the router reboot web page. You can also force a downgrade via incontrol.

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I have to agree. The new icon would seem to indicate the way the client is powered rather than the way it is connected to the network. I’d vote to bring back the ethernet icon.

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Actually, 8.2.0b02 will have an update on the icon for the wired client. Stay tuned.


Hello @Lai & @Eddy_Yeung & @Ricardas,

USB Connected MAX Adapter (5G) issues on testing this beta release:

  • Unable to choose or see B SIM slot
  • Unable to verify/update MAX Adaptor firmware version
  • Unable to see if operating on 3g/4g/5g
  • Unable to set frequency band preferences

Checked against:

  • Peplink Balance ONE HW3
  • Peplink Balance 20x
  • Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX

The MAX Adaptor cannot yet get monitored via the USB hosting within InControl2; is there a plan to resolve this missing monitoring?

The MAX Adapter promises to be a superb device. However, there is a current shortfall in the firmware development and interoperability with other Peplink|Pepwave devices that has yet to get resolved. Hopefully, a future release of the router firmware will resolve those firmware development shortfalls.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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i got my firmware updated on my balance 310 5g, i updated the modem firmware, which is only a option on the beta, and i now get 5CA instead of just 4CA. good stuff.

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