Firmware 8.1.3 RC 1

We would like to announce that Firmware 8.1.3 RC 1 is now available.

Supported models:
X Series, Balance, MAX, UBR, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes

Download the Firmware


The firmware for the Max Transit appears to still be a beta rather than a release candidate because I’m getting an expiration notice… Or is that expected?

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 12 16.59

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I rolled back to 8.1.2. Somehow 8.1.3 removed my SpeedFusion license from the device. I have a PrimeCare device (Cat 18 Max Transit) and my PrimeCare is up to date. I do not use InControl, I manage everything locally. Rebooting back to 8.1.2 restored the license and my connection to FusionHub is back up and running.
ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 12 17.33

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Hi C_Metz,

Could you please open a support ticket with diagnostic report of your MAX Transit?
We can investigate the root cause.



Ticket #21070398 has been successfully created.

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@Lewis_Kong , Thank you for the quick response to my ticket and very understandable answer.

If you have a PrimeCare device… you have to allow your device once a year to download your updated license. The menu item System → InControl → Disable works really well. If you set that disabled… Peplink obeys your wish and does not talk to the cloud for any reason. So in order to grab the updated license you need to allow your device to talk to InControl. Here’s what I did to successfully upgrade.

  1. Turn on System → InControl → InControl
  2. Upgrade to 8.1.3
  3. Turn back off System → InControl → Disabled

Done and working :slight_smile:


Nice, thanks for taking the time to share this.


I’m concerned that this has moved to RC. My 20X seemed more unstable on 8.1.3 b1, restarting itself twice in one day.

If you are experiencing reboots, please grab a diagnostic report after a reboot and open a ticket so we can investigate.

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Hello Peplink Team,
We are seeing this error on MBX Devices with Cat12 Chipsets of
“Remote SIM component is incompatible to the firmware, please contact distributor for support.”

Product Code: MAX-HD4-MBX-LTEA-K
Cellular Module: LTE CAT-12 EU+AU+CBRS/600Mbps

Note that this device was also showing this same fault on Firmware 8.1.2.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

@mldowling, the warning message is related to the Remote SIM component, not cellular module. I suggested opening a ticket for us to check.


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Hello @TK_Liew,
Ticket #21070537 is created.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Anyone else getting random reboots since installing this RC?

Had two today on a Balance 20x

I’m also running an OpenVPN WAN so wondering if that may be a contributing factor.

Yes, same on my 20X and I’m not using OpenVPN.

Deployed the version of Firmware for conformace testing on multiples of:

  • Peplink Balance One
  • Peplink Balance 310 5G
  • Peplink SDX
  • Pepeave MAX BR1 Mk2
  • Pepwave MAX Transit Duo
  • Pepwave MBX HD4

So far all systems have all been stable without any new issues reported.
Will look at adding into the test pool

  • Peplink EPX
  • Pepwave HD# Domes (most with SIM Injectors)
  • & other models soon.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


@TK_Liew Opened a ticket with diag report .

I know we dont get support when runnning beta firmware, but I submitted in case it can help pinpoint and address and/or confirm a bug.

Ticket 21070594

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@stego, noted. We will follow up with you in the ticket.


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Any reason why the ticket system is sending me an email notification with diagnostics report attached?

I have disabled the notifications with exception of status update to avoid having sensitive info being sent over insecure email.

Any concerns now that the diagnostics report has been exposed over insecure email?

Diagnostic reports are encrypted so I wouldn’t be worried about that.


We would like to investigate. Can you PM me the screenshots of the email notification you received? Please help to ensure the date and time, and the Diagnostic Report are showing from your screenshots.


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