Firmware 8.1.3 Now in GA

Firmware 8.1.3 is now ready for production environments.

To get yours, simply head over to Firmware download page and download for your device. Alternatively, you can update via InControl 2 Firmware Management.

For Transit 5G, please use special firmware 8.1.3s003 instead of this 8.1.3 GA firmware.

Release Notes


The release notes link (for MAX Transit, at least), points to RC1:

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Yea it broke my Max Transit 5G. Within InControl2 selected the new 8.1.3 in Firmware Management. It updated my Max Transit 5G… After reboot it says Firmware installed is 8.1.3 but no internet now and no SIM cards detected in Slot A or B… WTF

Flashed back to the 8.1.2 special Transit 5G firmware and all is good again and connected.

So reading the release notes, it looks like this doesnt support the Max Transit 5G either and a special firmware will be released later for the Max Transit 5G??

For Transit 5G, please use the special firmware that will be released after 8.1.3 GA

The special firmware for Transit 5G will be released in this week.


Locked and loaded (scheduled) for deployment tonight. :smile:

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Have this FW running on two B20X and a B30LTE. No problems with either so far. This also seemed to fix my Time Synchronization success/failure messages filling up the Event Logs.


Special firmware 8.1.3s003 for Transit 5G has been released. Please scroll to the top post of this topic for the download link

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Thank you!

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I’ve loaded in on ~200 units first batch so far no issues.
With multiple models br1 hw2&3, br1 ip67, br1 mini, br1 mini core, balance 20x, balance 30, balance 30 LTE, Balance 210,balance 580, balance 710


For those of us running the special firmware that allows us to monitor our Starlink systems (8.1.1s118) should we be updating to this new firmware, or sitting patiently where we’re at, if we wish to retain that capability? Thanks in advance.

@Madcodger, the feature is incorporated in firmware 8.1.2 GA, hence, it is inherited in 8.1.3 too. :wink:

Release Notes - 8.1.2 GA


Thanks! I shall finish my video calls for the day, and update this afternoon.

Loaded the Max Transit 5G special firmware 8.1.3s003 on 2 devices so far via InControl and all is good and working!

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Almost 3 days on 8.1.3 on a B20x and no issues whatsoever.


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Thanks to the Peplink team for the new firmware release.

I discovered an issue with Auto Negotiation of LAN-Port 1 on Balance One HW Revision 3 and a Devolo Magic 2 LAN Dinrail powerline adapter beeing attached via CAT 6 LAN cable.
Network connection get’s lost on port 1 several times a day
Log-Entries are like this example:

|Aug 08 12:42:47|Port: Port 1 (Untagged LAN) status changed (link up, speed 1 Gbps Full Duplex)|
|Aug 08 12:42:44|Port: Port 1 (Untagged LAN) status changed (link down)|*

Port 1 is my trunk port (untagged LAN), speed setting is on “Auto”.
I had to go back to fw revision 8.1.2 build 5114 to ensure issue free connection of the powerline lan.

Interesting. One “feature” of many of the power-line devices is they like to go to sleep to save a few mW of power. Wondering what happens if that “feature” can be located and disabled. This does not “sound” like a router FW issue although it would be interesting to see if a reversion to an early FW release really “fixes” the problem.

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Hello Rick-DC,

good idea.
However neither Devolo option „stand by“ nor power saving mode are active on the Devolo device mentioned.
After I went back to previous fw version it worked again.

Is an IP address issued to this device?
It’d also be interesting to do a packet cap on that port…