Firmware 8.1.1 RC 2

We would like to announce that the Firmware 8.1.1 RC 2 is now available.

Supported models:
X Series, Balance, MAX, UBR, SpeedFusion Engine, FusionHub, Surf SOHO

Download Release Notes

Download the Firmware

API Document for 8.1.1


FYI: Installing this wipes out the firewall log. Not the Device log though.

Are there any other changes that you have noticed?

Hi, I just updated a 310X and have a minor issue with RC2. The event log is showing that the device is sending phantom packets to itself from its own LAN MAC address. The uptime on RC2 was minimal as the device also rebooted itself randomly <10 minutes after the upgrade, so I switched back to my previous build 8.1.0s024 build 4965 for the time being.



On core one
Usage report: hourly,daily and monthly does’t work.

It does not work also on ver 8.1.0.

@Michael234, let me check then get back to you.

@Cable17, I don’t see the error message after I upgraded my B310X to 8.1.1RC2. Fyi, we are logging this MAC/IP address conflict event in 8.1.1 again. You may need to check whether there is a network loop/MAC address conflict in your LAN network. You contact your point of purchase if you need further help.

@jure, your problem is not related to 8.1.1. Please check whether your device ables to do name resolving. You may ping at System > Ping to confirm your device can resolve an IP. If not, please configure Google DNS server IP for all your WANs to confirm this helps. You contact your point of purchase if you need further help.

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My B20 doesn’t like this build…, unresponsive interface, DHCP server broken when WAN connections are up, like first 8.1.0 builds.
Return to 8.1.0s083

Thanks a lot for tip.



I seem to have run into a bug with the new SFC application-level routing UI in 8.1.1 RC2.

Scenario: I’ve added Microsoft 365 via the following screen. Then I deleted it. Yet traffic for Teams is still showing up as going via SFC (as “Skype”).

@TK_Liew Power cycling also seems to erase the Firewall log. Not the end of the world, but would be good to know beforehand.

You are right, when power cycling the device, the Firewall log prior to the device reboot will be erased. This approach has been in effect on firmware 8.1.0GA, we missed out the update in firmware 8.1.0 Release Notes. :pensive:

We will update the user manual so the user will be aware of this change.

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@Vitaly, are you using the same LAN client to do testing? I believe traffic will not be routed into SFC if you are using a different LAN client. We agree something can be improved here and we have filed it. Thanks for reporting this.

@e-neolab, please open ticket for us to investigate.

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This seems to cause some real weirdness with 6in4 tunnels going over speedfusion where you can ping the remote end but websites/etc don’t want to load as if there was an MTU problem.

That said I tried reducing the MSS down as low as 1320 and still had issues.

Moved the IPv6 onto a different VPN (Same endpoints) at it seemed to resolve things.

Edit: Or not, still playing up will switch v6 off for now.

Please add Facebook Messenger to optimize cloud application. Thanks.

Ok weird in RC2 my balance 20x can’t send packets larger than ~1290 over a SIT tunnel, infact before reboot it was 1278.

downgrade to 8.1.0 and can send upto 1400bytes (the current MTU of the SIT tunnel)

Can you please clarify what you mean by “same LAN client” vs. “different LAN client”? The Teams client was running on the same machine during the entire test.

When this issue happened SFC was disabled completely (to the best of my understanding, after reviewing all the options). Yet some traffic was flowing via SFC, according to the dashboard. Would that not be a bug?

The other issue here (more minor - i.e. just labelling) is that traffic was showing as Skype even though the application was in fact Teams. Is there a known issue around this?


Would you please open a ticket for us to check on SIT tunnel traffics ?

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This should be related to connection/session persistency via the connected path. If the existing connection ended and new connection generated , it will be forwarded to the correct path based on the configuration changes that have been make. Like @TK_Liew mentioned, this can be improved in the future firmware. This is very subjected as the changes have been make after the connection is established and if you restart the application, by default you should find that the new connection will be forwarded based on the configuration changes.

This is related to the connection/session expiring in the sessions table. Connection that is not close (Client /server initiate to close the connection ) normally will stay in session table until the expiry time for the session exceeded. I’m guessing you are referring to the active session page to check the connection status and you may found that the session still existed in the active session page although the SFC tunnel is disabled. If you check the idle time column , i believe the idle time maybe increased and it will be removed after sometimes.

If this is not the case i explained , please help to file a ticket for us to further check on that . :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Team and Skype are all under Microsoft. Suspected that some connection behavior for the Microsoft team maybe having same connection method/behavior that classified as Skype. We will further check this and update again.

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Ok, even werider with the balance on 8.1.0 last night I was able to pass larger packets over the SIT tunnel now I’m only able to pass upto 1280 which is the minimum MTU of IPv6